4. Lady Bird Lake Hike and Bike Trails

This may seem like a fairly obvious Austin “Thing to Do” but with it being New Year’s Resolution Time I am sure many resolutions include something about getting in shape so here it is, Lady Bird Lake Hike and Bike Trails.  

town lake austin

The trails offer all different course lengths depending on where you decide to start, you can do anything from just under three to over ten miles. The course is one big circle so it makes it easy and the scenery never gets old. Plus, fresh air is good for the soul.

Run Tex provides many water stations throughout the trail so you do not have to worry about bringing water.

For you dog lovers out there you can also stop at the Dog Park and let your dog cool off in the River at South First and Barton Springs Road.

This is something that can be enjoyed year round and days like today are perfect for it! The trails seem to be quite popular because Matthew McConaughey, Lance Armstrong, some of the Cast of Friday Night Lights, and others have all been spotted getting a work out in on the trails

This is a link to a course map so you can get a better idea of the mile markers throughout the trails.  

Trail Map