23. Hut's Hamburgers

I write this as someone who has never experienced the taste of a McDonalds hamburger so keep that in mind as I offer you my recommendation of a true Austin Experience for the day… something about this weather, the sun, and the warmth in the middle of January has me craving an all time favorite, Hut’s Hamburgers.

huts hamburgers

Something about their burgers just does it for me, they are just greasy enough and unhealthy enough to make my mouth water at the pure thought of them and I am pretty picky when it comes to burgers as I typically do not like restaurant burgers. They have been making mouths water since 1939, so I guess they have it down by now. The bun to meat ratio there is outstanding, the fries alone are enough to keep me coming back, trust me, ask for BBQ sauce it may be the best French fry dipping sauce in the entire state.

On Wednesday nights they have a two for one special 6:00-10:00pm. So their already fairly priced burgers are an even better deal.

Located in the heart of Austin off 6th Street is a must try if you are in the Austin area.

807 W 6th St
Austin, TX 78703
(512) 472-0693


Enjoy some good eats this weekend and let me know what you think!

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