Hancock Golf Course

Looking for a central location to go hit some golf balls that’s affordable! Try Hancock Golf Course for a laid back afternoon on the links.

It was established in 1899, and is one of the oldest golf in the state of Texas! It is a par 35, 9 hole course with all the normal golf course changes – sand traps, water holes, a little bit of it all. The course is very causal and can be played in pretty quickly.

I love it because it is a central location and is a great way to take a break from it all on a nice afternoon like today.  Let me say if you are a golf addict and not someone looking for a causal day in the sun this probably is NOT the place for you. Keep that in mind all you Tiger Woods out there…

Weekday : $12.00 for 9 holes
Weekend: $13.00 for 9 holes

Call for reservations however Tee Times are not required. Remember – CASH ONLY!

Located in Central Austin:
811 E. 41st Street
Austin, Texas 78751