57. Max's Wine Dive

Weekend is upon us again in Austin, Texas and that means I am always up for a new adventure or place to try . . . that brings me to Max’s Wine Dive. Fair Warning: I think they may have only added the word “dive” because it almost rhymed with “wine” because it is by no means a “dive” in any sense of the word.

This one goes out to all you night owls out there… as rumor has it the “reverse happy hour” is one that you cannot miss. The last two hours of business, on weekends that means 12:00-2:00am it’s the infamous happy hour that has late night eaters watering at the mouth. Even their twitter name, @after_midnight suggests that they are the place for late night eats.

Apparently the hummus and flatbread is enough to get anyone coming back for more. They have a whole menu of what I will call comfort food with a twist. From mac & cheese to fried chicken.. they really manage to cover a lot of bases.

Do not take my word for it, Bon Appétit Magazine named them one of the “Hot 10” Wine Bars in the U.S. – in the U.S.  that is big stuff.

Sunday  Brunches can either make or brake a place … well they serve Sunday Brunch until 3:00 p.m. another plus in my book. Sunday Brunch is one of the best ways to end a great weekend.

The reviews are mixed, again as it is by no means a “dive” but the reverse happy hour is hard to pass up and it’s a great location, great atmosphere, great service, all and all worth a try. A great place to either start or end your night.

207 San Jacinto Avenue
Austin, Texas 78701