70. The New Movement

Hands down I had one of the best nights of my year last night. I am not really into comedy clubs or shows because I never think to go but a blog follower suggested I check out The New Movement in East Austin and it was hilarious, I do not remember the last time I laughed that much.

I had no idea what to expect, it really is a little hole in the wall that could be easy to miss. Once the night got started they had my friends and I laughing all night. Very East Austin feel – exactly something that someone who is looking for a unique part of Austin culture need to try out because this is Austin, East Austin! It is exactly what everyone loves about East Austin, their appreciation of the arts, that quirky feel.

I have never seen an improv comedy show so the whole experience was new to me but it was great – the cast was so talented and creative, hats off to them.  

It is not really advertised but it is BYOB – I did not know that getting there but there is a gas station so we managed to get a few cold ones before the start – everything is a little more funny after a cold one. None the less the BYOB was great, we did not pay to get in and free parking so we had a great Wednesday night completely FREE! Those looking for a full night can take a class and watch a show talk about a package deal all free.

On Wednesday nights at 7:00 they offer Free Improv Classes, followed by two free shows.

Tonight – they offer an Open Mic Night for $2.00. This is an anything goes show featuring whoever shows up at 9:00 to sign up for a time slot. Anything goes – standup, music, character monologues, poems, sketches, video, anything!

For more information on the classes they offer and other shows visit their website. As far as anything involving inprov comedy in Austin, this is the place. Hands down, a must try.

1819 Rosewood Avenue
Austin, Texas 78702