87. Taverna

Sunday Brunch time in Austin, Texas and this is no doubt one of the best places to get brunch in town.  I am by no means a breakfast lover – too much too early as far as I am concerned but the $1.00 mimosas and billinis will keep me coming back Sunday after Sunday. Who could bass that up, there are few things that can top that on a Sunday.  This is a great place for a date, work function, family or friend brunch – you can really encompass any audience you are satisfy!

The place is much smaller than I excepted when I first checked it out and it is jam packed on Sundays,  I managed to make the calzone slide ride down.

Do not go here if your Sunday is packed with errands and you do not have much time on your hands because there will be a wait (as most great Sunday Brunches have). Most likely it will be about 30 minutes to an hour before you are seated but most people see right past that when they have a drink in hand.

Taverna, you had me at dollar mimosas and you have yet to disappoint, so I keep coming back time and time again.  Like I mentioned, I know what I am getting into – it is at least a two hour adventure but as far as I am concerned Sundays were made for a good meal and a long nap.

One last thing – I love the outdoor patio, best seat in the house if you ask me because people watching on 2nd Street is always great entertainment. Not to mention this is the best weather for outdoor dining, enjoy it while you can because before know it the hot summer days of Austin summer will be upon us!

For good measure , Ill throw this out there – the City Hall Parking lot is free until 5:00pm on Sundays – that is going to be your best bet for parking.

Mimosas’, anyone?

258 W 2nd St
Austin, TX 78701