92. Be An Extra On Friday Night Lights

I have been so excited to blog on this idea since day one but had to wait until the time was right – so here we go. The highly acclaimed TV series “Friday Night Lights” is seeks PAID, yes paid extras!

They begin filming  Wednesday April 7th and will film throughout the Austin Area until August.

 Throughout the years I have had several friends participate and all have said it was such a fun experience. I think most people love the idea of having their own 15 minutes of fame and Friday Night Lights is a pretty reputable show to say were an extra in. Who better to play extras in the a show about Texas Football than Texans!  

 To sign up – visit www.onlocationcasting.net and fill out a FREE Talent Application (*make sure to upload 1-2 photos!!). For further information email: fnl_extras@yahoo.com.     All applicants MUST be US citizens and have valid photo ID and social security cards.  NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!

 Some specific types we are seeking include:

  • Football Players: ages 18-24, all ethnicities especially African American and Hispanic, male, athletic types preferably with some football experience
  • Cheerleaders: ages 18-24, all ethnicities especially African American and Hispanic, MUST have previous cheerleading experience
  • Football Sideline Trainers and Managers: ages 18-24, male and female, all ethnicities, athletic types
  • Football Coaches: ages 35-65, male, all ethnicities especially African American and Hispanic, athletic types
  • High School Students: ages 16-23 and College Students: ages 18-28
  • Teachers, Boosters, Parents, Townspeople
  • Prisoners: ages 18-60, all ethnicities, tough criminal looking types
  • African American extras: all types and ages

This is said to be the final season of the series so the time is now or never. Sign up today, get out there and  Break A Leg.