133. Good Pop

Where do I start, these are awesome. In matters of full disclosure Good Pop called me a while back to see if they can bring some pops by my office, naturally I agreed. To start off I was stunned that they were not “suckers” they are frozen popsicles, just another day of me being me. We get treats at our office often and most of the time people can take them or leave them but for some reason these Good Pops struck a cord; it was like I was Santa handing out Christmas Presents to 4 year olds. My office devoured them as if we were in the middle of the Sahara Dessert and had not eaten in days.

They are without a doubt the best tasting frozen treats my mouth has encountered. In an effort to make treats for their children that are not filled with chemicals the founders started to make their own frozen treats using only fresh, natural, and organic ingredients. In Summer 2008 they opened their own popsicle company called “PopSoCools” and this Spring they underwent a name change to “Good Pop.” So here were are with Good Pop and “Good” they are indeed; good for you (more or less, I mean All-Natural, you cant top that) and good tasting. As they say, the rest is history.

Back to my personal experience with them – the office ranted and raved for days following on how they were just so good. They commented on things like- the mango tasted like an authentic mango popsicle out of old time Mexico(to be honest I do not even know what that means), the chocolate covered pop was absolutely surprisingly delicious, the mocha tastes like frozen Starbucks goodness on a stick.

The variety of flavor options is incredible, amazing they are all handmade with all natural ingredients. As the hot summer days of Austin are on creeping up on us, this is definitely a great way to cool down.

Don’t count on me to be your Good Pop expert, apparently I am not the only one who things they are latest, greatest cool treat in town.  Check out what local yelpers had to say: http://www.yelp.com/biz/goodpop-austin-2.

Stay Cool Austin & look for them in local area grocery stores in the near future!

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Austin, TX 78704

Spring Hours: Thurs thru Sun 1:00-7:00