134. Conan O’Brien at Austin Music Hall

Random Fun, Things To Do In Austin | 14 May 2010

Happy Friday & Happy Graduation to my little sister who will walk across the stage tonight, Congratulations Junior.

I will admit my mind was not on the blog this morning, my cell phone decided to stop charging, so here I am phoneless and let me tell you it is kind of morbid. Since my “upgrade” isn’t until August, Verizon will win and sometime today I will fork over full retail for a new phone so I can enter the virtual world again. Sorry, enough persona saga..all that being said, this is the best I was able to muster up today.

One, actually two more disclaimers before I go on is yes, this is probably I should have blogged about weeks ago so that you could “plan ahead” and yes getting a ticket today is probably not going to be the easiest task but if the stars a line and you can make a showing at Austin Music Hall tonight I can assure you the show will not disappoint.

I for one must live under a rock at times because it wasn’t until twenty minutes ago when a friend texted me asking if I was going to this tonight that even knew he was in town. Given all the controversy surrounding him in the last few months and how he had absolutely diehard fans it only seemed natural for me to write on him once I realized he was visiting the Promiseland. Since he is the funny man, he says it best, here is how the show is described “The Legally Prohibited from Being Funny on Television Tour” a night of music, comedy, hugging and the occasional awkward silence.

Thank goodness it is weekend, cheers to all the Graduates & Conan.

Austin Music Hall
208 Nuuces Street
Austin, Texas 78701





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  • Hi Kristy,

    Have a great weekend, a fun time with your family and keep up the great work! I love your blog and will be back again soon.

    Your friend in Chicago,

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