143. LOST Weekend: All LOST Quiz at Waterloo Ice House

I didn’t take the Sunday Brunch Route today because with everyone in town for graduation I thought Brunch places across the city would already be packed.

Apparently the LOST Series Finale is tonight, to be honest I have never even seen one episode but I love a Trivia Game and I love Waterloo, so the only thing I am missing is any LOST knowledge.  I am sure most of you LOST fanatics probably want to watch this in the quietness of your own home so that you can catch all the details but you have a chance to win some real money is you find yourself the LOST Champion. This is happening BEFORE the finale – so you can still make it home to watch it but I know how sometimes I find myself at Trivia Night and those nights don’t always end early.

Round up six (at the most) of your LOST buddies and come out for some fun in these 8 Rounds of LOST Quizzes. Entry is $5.00 per player for the “Winner-Take-All-Prize.” For those looking for some real fun – dress as your favorite LOST character.

Free Drinks

Prize Money:  for first place is based on total number of teams participating. Generally speaking, expect it to be $200 on the low end and $400 on the high.

Time: 3:00pm

Waterloo Ice House Southpark Meadows
9600 South IH-35
Suite D-100
Austin, Texas 78748