205. Watch the Tour de France at Mellow Johnny's

Where better to watch the Tour De France wind down than the bike/coffee shop belonging to Austin’s own Lance Armstrong?

Some might say the shop feels more like a Lance Armstrong museum as the inside is decorated with pictures, jerseys and bikes Mr. Armstrong has collected over the years. The entire shop is extremely well-done. Those of you who’ve been to his West 4th Street bar, SIX, know he has a knack for décor.

Random Mellow Johnny’s trivia::: The name comes from Lance Armstrong’s inability to pronounce “maillot jaune,” French for “yellow jersey.” The coffee shop inside is called Juan Pelota. “Pelota” is Spanish for “ball,” and Juan sounds like “one.” You have to give the guy credit for the creative names and ability to poke fun at himself.

As a non-cyclist, I’m not sure about the shop and all the “bike” stuff it has to offer. But I do know there’s something rather cool about watching the race that made Lance Armstrong a legend, from his own shop. And from a realtor’s perspective: Way to go Lance! You certainly own some pretty, pretty nice pieces of Downtown real estate.

If you are a cyclist, I’m sure this is some sort of utopia for you.  It even includes showers and lockers for commuters. I guess with Lance Armstrong as the owner, they really did think of everything.

So, cyclist or not, you’ll find this to be a great stop!

400 Nueces St.
Austin, Texas 78701

Information from: http://www.mellowjohnnys.com/

Photo from: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jonnybaker/3023552439/