222. Austin Sports and Social Club

SO MUCH FUN. After a great season sadly enough summer kickball came to an end last Thursday. I started playing with my friends this year and it is always one of the highlights of my week. They have different levels of play ranging from “social to super social,” we are a super social crew. Basically, it is a night to bring out your best competitive skills and have some fun with friends. Some of my friends are on the team and just come to drink beer, cheer and serve as the team mascot (Hi, Megan).

It is great fun and they always have deals with local bars around town so after the game you can go to “the chosen location” and if you are in your ASSC shirt you can take advantage of drink specials.

They offer all sorts of sports including, bowling, dodge ball, flag football, soccer, sand volleyball, wiffleball and plenty more.

If you want my recommendation, I would try to play on Thursday nights because it’s always easiest to make it though a Friday if you had a little too much fun the night before. Kickball Thursday pretty much seems to get me every week.

If you do not have an entire team you can sign up with just a few people and ASSC will put you on a team or you can just join alone, if you are interested in playing they will make it happen. To find out what sports are currently taking signups check out their website.