236. Full Moon Swim at Barton Springs Pool

If you want to experience Barton Springs Pool like a true Austinite, you must take part in at least one “Full Moon Swim.”  The full moon swim is exactly what it sounds like, during every full moon at 9:00 p.m., when pool admission becomes free, the grounds are suddenly taken over by swimmers, dancers and people that like to howl at the moon. For this hour before closing on full moon nights the pool becomes an all-out pool party that is so Austin you have to see to believe.

This happens at every full moon, regardless of time of year (luckily the pool remains a constant 68 degree temperature). In the summer that 68-degree water can be a little on the chilly side, and it’s worse come winter, but that doesn’t seem to detour some full moon enthusiasts.

There is live music to help get everyone in the full moon spirit — Rattletree will be providing the tunes. Often times, full moon swimmers bring potluck type plates to share. All are welcome. This draws in people of all ages, and the only requirement is that you let out a howl at the moon before the night is over.

Only in Austin, Texas will you find this kind of thing.

The full moon dates for the rest of the year are:
September 23rd
October 23rd
November 21st
December 21st

Barton Springs Pool
2101 Barton Springs Road
Austin, Texas

Photo: Larry Kolvoord, American Statesman http://tinyurl.com/363cnov