238. Cornucopia Popcorn Creations

It is time for me to blog on a fantastic food stop in the Capital City, Cornucopia. This is something random and different, not your everyday restaurant. This is popcorn at its finest, and frankly it should be in a category of its own.

This place could make people that don’t like popcorn learn to love it. It’s that good.

I can’t even begin to get into the countless options and flavors that they have to offer, but I will do my best to convey into words how great it is. Bear in mind that I absolutely love salty and sugary things, so this just combines everything my taste buds love.

The traditional flavors are all great, but they also venture into things chocolate covered popcorn and other unique combinations that really put them in a class of their own.

Flavors that are my favorites include Dill Pickle (a must try), Zebra, Texas Chili, Cajun, Cinnamon Roll and Cheddar Jalapeno. Visit their website to see all the options because I could go on and on. This place will make you experience popcorn like you never have before.

The timing also seemed right to blog on them as tomorrow, August 27th, they’re celebrating their second birthday. Who doesn’t love a birthday? Stop by tomorrow between 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. for a FREE bag of popcorn and some cocktails.

It’s always important to me that the places I blog on have great, friendly service and they definitely do. With the holidays coming up, people seem to think popcorn is always a good gift, and this is the place to get it from!

Don’t miss the deal for blog followers, $10.00 for $20.00 worth of Popcorn Goodness, https://365austindeals.com/

Happy Thursday Austin, and happy second birthday Cornucopia, I have no doubt you will be around town for many years to come.


1914 Guadalupe St.
Suite B
Austin, Texas 78705