249. Bull Creek District Park

Happy Labor Day! Nothing beats a holiday weekend. If you’re looking to relax and take things easy today, Bull Creek is definitely your stop.

I absolutely love it, as I do most parks around town. What makes this one unique – aside from great hiking, a nice creek and beautiful scenery – is that it has an actual dog park.

Note: The off-leash area of the dog park has closed now, and while that’s a huge letdown, it’s still worth going and taking your furry friend.

The trails are a great hike, about 3.5 miles total, and they’re not too challenging.

The creek itself is GREAT for both people and dogs. There are several large rocks in the water that people are always laying out on. There’s enough water for people to get in and cool off, and it’s also a great for playing a little fetch with man’s best friend.

If you stop by on a busy Saturday when the weather is nice you’ll find hikers, people picnicking and some occasional bikers. It’s a big enough trail that once you get away from the main swimming area you can get lost in nature and not have to deal with too many distractions.

Once more, Happy Labor Day, Austin! I hope you’re able to enjoy your day off.


6701 Lakewood Drive
Austin, Texas 78731