117.11 Onion Creek District Park

I thought it was time to highlight another local park because the weather is just too nice. It’s supposed to be sunny all week, which means I should either be outside walking my dog or sipping cocktails on a patio somewhere.

Onion Creek Park is kind of a secret hideaway. It’s never very crowded, which is always a plus, and is definitely worth exploring if you’re looking for a break in your normal park routine.

I always look for parks that are dog friendly, and this is one of them. It has a good trail where I can get a workout and my dog can be happy at the same time. It’s a little over two miles, which for me is the perfect distance.

The trail is nice and shaded, and the creek really makes for a scenic walk — not to mention dogs don’t mind cooling off in Onion Creek.

You can also bike and even ride horses on the trail!

7001 Onion Creek Drive
Austin, Texas 78744