226.11 Holy Cacao

Last week I was having a major sweet tooth, more than my usual so I thought instead of going to my go-to favorites I’d see what the local “dessert” trailers around town had to offer. They lived up to the raving reviews that I had come across.

Holy cow, the cake balls hit the spot. They were about the size of a golf ball and served on a popsicle stick. My sister and I both agreed that the Wedding Balls were by far our favorite, I felt like I was at a wedding. A close second were Holly’s favorite, chocolate on chocolate is hard not to like.

Even though that cake balls are not huge in size they are very filling and will fill the sweet void. They are rich, but not too rich, two of them were plenty to satisfy me. My sister was so hooked that she insisted we go back the next day, so we did. That is always the sign of a winner in my book; two trips in 24 hours.

Seasonally, you can roast your own s’mores which I will definitely take advantage of once late fall rolls around.  For now, the cake balls and the frozen hot chocolate was the perfect cool down to my summer night.

Open: Daily

Hours: noon-9 p.m.

1311 South First Street
Austin, Texas 78704