267.11 “Rear View” Exhibit

I am a lover of all things cars, especially vintage ones. I guess my dad’s love of cars rubbed off on me a little bit. I’ve always said that when I’m old enough to collect art (who knows when that will be), I want to have some pieces that feature cars. I always like to have my eye open for random art pieces that are somewhat car-themed. 

I think this exhibit is really fun for both car or art lovers. It features several vintage cars that are published in the current issue of Borderlands. For a peek at the artwork that will be featured, click here: http://sliderarts.com/paintings/. If you’re a car lover and this doesn’t get your blood running, I don’t know what will. Naturally, all the paintings are the “rear view” of vintage cars.

Artwork is avaiable for purchase.

Admission: free

When: now-Oct. 1st

Time: 11 a.m.-7 p.m. daily

Creatures Boutique
1206 South Congress Ave
Austin, Texas 78704