189.12 First Annual Water Balloon Tournament

It’s hot out there, so Frontier Bar has put together a water balloon tournament to help you stay cool and have fun!

There will be 16 teams with ten players each. You are encouraged to bring sling shots, shields and anything else needed to ward off water balloons. One person from each team will even be allowed throw from the roof!

Here’s a quick run-down of how it’s going to go:

-10 ten-minute rounds in the parking lot.
-You score by going to the opposing teams side and dropping a dry toilet paper roll. If the roll is wet, then it’s not a score.
-You have have runners and you have blockers, so make sure blockers your protect your runners because that’s the only way you score.
-If there’s a tie, we have a water balloon toss with three team players
-Again there are no losers!!!! We are all winners, so show good sportsmanship and have fun.

You must provide the balloons for the first round, but for the teams that advance, Frontier Bar will provide you with the balloons. As with all good times in Austin, costumes are encouraged!

The winner will get a $200 cash prize. Everyone is a winner at Frontier Bar, so even if you don’t come out on top, they’ll have a free keg and BBQ for all the players after the tournament.

Let’s get wet!

Cost: $20 per team / $2 per person

When: Today, July 8th

Time: 4 p.m.

Frontier Bar
2421 Webberville Road
Austin, Texas 78702