200.12 Free Beer 101 Class and Tastings

Cocktail hour might be the best part of the day. I love unwinding with a drink and good company.


Twin Liquors is currently offering a great beer 101 class where you can learn the basic ins and outs of one of America’s favorite beverages. You’ll learn the basic process for making beer, the ingredients that go into beer, as well as all the major beer styles and how to differentiate between them. The best part is that you’ll get plenty of samples!

This is a great opportunity to help broaden your beer horizon.

Twins offers various classes covering our favorite adult beverages. The classes vary by month, so check the calendar: http://www.twinliquors.com/event?tid=All

Be sure to email and RSVP, Hancock Center, store7@twinliquors.com or Four Points, store10@twinliquors.com.

Twin Liquors is one of my favorite liquor stores in town. It’s local, and they’re always giving back to the community in different ways.

Admission: free

When: Wednesday’s (see class location and schedule)

Time: 6:30 p.m. – 8 p.m.

Twin Liquors Four Points
2222 @ 620 (next to HEB)
7301 N. FM 620 Suite 105
Austin, Texas 78726

Twin Liquors Hancock Center
Red River @ 41st
1000 E. 41st Street, Suite 810
Austin, Texas 78751