201.12 Texas Beer 5K

Normally I would say that beer and running should never go together. However, in the spirit of exploring Austin, this running tour is just too interesting not to mention.

The organizers of the Texas Beer 5k are actually attempting to put the “fun” in a fun run. Along this guided three-mile run, you’ll explore some of Austin’s best bars, restaurants and historical markers. Of course, along the way you’ll also stop and taste some local brews.

Runs last about a half-hour but vary based on group. The average pace is about a 10-minute mile.

Texas Running Company offers all sorts of random runs, including downtown historic runs, city park runs and more. Check out their schedule to plan what works best for you: http://www.cityrunningtours.com/austin.html

Let’s keep up our status as one of the “fittest cities in America,” and have a good time while we’re at it!

Admission: $30, includes beer samples along the way

When: various, see website for upcoming dates.

Time: times vary by date.

Start Location:
Texas Running Company
1011 West 5th Street
Austin, Texas 78703