218.12 Fantastic Arcade Happy Hour

I’m a video game nerd. I love everything from old school games to the latest titles; it doesn’t matter.

This is your opportunity to come out and play the game SPELUNKY in all of its versions. They will have the original and the most current editions, so you can see how far it has come. The creator of the game will even join the party remotely to take questions.

As a kid I used to have ambitions of being a video game tester, and for some reason playing a game with tons of loyal fans and being able to talk to the creator kind of brings that dream alive.

Come out and join the fun and enjoy some of the Highball’s drink specials.

When: Today, August 5th

Time: 4 – 6:15 p.m.

Admission: Free

The Highball
1142 S. Lamar Boulevard
Austin, Texas 78704