230.12 Bat Paddle

We’re in prime bat watching season! While hundreds gather on the top of the bridge, it’s a pretty incredible experience to see from the water, not to mention great for pictures!

The total trip is a 4-mile paddle, which is actually pretty bearable. As the sun sets you get an incredible view of our skyline.

Evening paddling on the lake is so relaxing and helps you appreciate the city just a little more.

If this doesn’t work out also check out the event they are having Sunday morning, Paddle for Puppies!

Speaking of kayaks, I am in the market for a used 2-person ocean kayak. If you are selling one or know of someone selling one, please email me at 365thingsaustin@gmail.comThank you.

Admission:     Single kayak- $35

Double kayak- $55

When: Today, August 17

Check-in time: 6:30 p.m.

Rowing Dock
2418 Stratford Drive
Austin, Texas 78746


Photo Credit: Peter Talke Photography (he has amazing shots from all over the world, check out his work as it is incredible!)