Five Tips For Trailer Tuesday

Trailer Tuesday at the Long Center is awesome, it is such a cool way to try out multiple trailers all in one evening. After checking out the inaugural event  last month I have a few tips to help you get the most out of your evening.

1.     Do your homework.  Check out the trailers that are going to be there ahead of time so you know what ones to hit up. Know that most places offer a limited menu.

2.     Go earlyLines get long and items start to sell out. 

3.     Bring your own drinkThe trailers are not allowed to sell drinks as they are only sold by the Long Center. The line for drinks is indeed long.

4.     Leave Fido at homeIn theory you think it would be a great event for man’s best friend to tag along but it is hot, there isn’t water for the dogs, your hands are full with food, it just isn’t a perfect combination.

5.     Bring cash. First of all not all places accept cards. Second, this is just one of those events where cash is king.