247.12 Free Day of Yoga

Happy Labor Day!  I hope that you find yourself relaxing and enjoying the extra weekend day!

This is a great opportunity for anyone wanting to try yoga to see if it’s for them.  All ages and skill levels are invited to come out for the day.  You can use this to try a new style of yoga, a new studio, or a new instructor.  This is also a great way to motivate others who have been wanting to see what yoga is all about.

Classes will take place all over Austin, from studios to parks.  To plan your day and decide what is best for you, check out the course schedule.

The Free Day of Yoga has been an annual event in Austin since 1999 and has now spread to other cities.  Find your center, and enjoy a day off work.

Class Schedule: http://www.freedayofyoga.com/schedule-2012-2.php

See Website (all over Austin)