254.12 Bill Murray Party Crashing in Austin

Bill Murray is coming to Austin and wants to party with you!  Bill has been on a party crashing tour and Austin is his last stop, so lets show him how we party in Austin, Texas.

Here is how it’s been going down.  He gets to town, drives around looking for a sign saying, “BILL MURRAY CAN CRASH HERE,” and next thing you know, you could be partying with Bill Murray.

Here are a few pointers.  If Bill does decide to crash at your place, remember that he is human, so give him his space!  When in his presence, please refer to him as Keyser Soze.  He enjoys drinking and karaoke, so having those activities may increase the chances of him crashing your party!

Yes, Mr. Keyser Soze, you can crash at my place!

When: today, September 10th

Maybe Your House