276.12 Oh! Bento

When it comes to food trailers sometimes I research and seek out what I think the best will be and other times I just stumble upon something that is great. I was driving by when I saw Oh! Bento and was immediately intrigued.

Yum, I rarely come across good Asian food and this little stop is a great find. The menu has a good variety, Teriyaki Chicken & Beer, Tofu, Beef Short  Rib, Tonkatsu, Rice Bowls and many more. The Teriyaki Chicken and edamanme was spot on.

The Bento Boxes are $8.00 and for the average person I think that you can easily get two meals out of one meal. The boxes come with the main dish, rice, and the two sides of the day.  They would be a great place to get lunch and take the rest home for dinner.

Check out their menu yourself as they are definitely a little different than other trailers and make some mean meals.

Hours: 11:30 a.m.-8:00 p.m. Monday – Saturday (while these are their “hours” when it comes to food trucks it is always good to confirm they are open before venturing out!)

Phone: 512-751-0478

South Shore Eatery
1620 E. Riverside Drive
Austin, Texas 78741