30 Places To Get A Taco In Austin

Things To Do In Austin | 4 Oct 2012

In honor of National Taco Day here is a list of places to grab a taco in Austin.





  • If you have not visited Tacodeli, then you have not had the best tacos in the city.

  • EZE

    Dang I miss Maria’s Taco Express…

  • DLiu

    Toastie’s has great tacos as well. Their green chile pork and banh mi tacos are my favorites by far.

  • Skokat

    This is a list of Mexican restaurants for people who hate Mexicans. Stick to this list and you’ll never know the good stuff.

  • Turner

    This read lists like a list of Tex-Mex restaurants that blew the minds of a new arrival from Portland would write.

    There are some great restaurants listed on this list but few of these are places you go just for their tacos.

    Why is there not a single taqueria listed on this? Why is Taqueria Arandinas or Taqueria Arandas not on the list? Why not mention the badass Mexican grocery store / Mexican deli La Mitchoacana? Where’s La Tapatia or the newly opened Taqueria Los Jaliscienses, both on the Ben White? Where’s Taco-Mex over on East Manor?

    Again, all the restaurants above are good places to go, but they’re not really taco places. You can’t even order lengua or al pastor or carnitas from the majority of them. Please don’t write a list of ‘where to buy tacos’ if you don’t even know what those mean.

    • Skokat

      I think you and I are on the same page Turner.

    • Amanda

      Just because these aren’t places that *you’d* go for tacos doesn’t mean it isn’t a ‘where to buy tacos’ list. I don’t think this was a ‘where Turner goes to buy tacos’ list. This never even claimed to be ‘the best tacos in Austin’ list or ‘the only places in Austin to get tacos’ list.

      It’s a list of places to get tacos, and in fact, all these places sell tacos. I don’t understand all the insulting and criticism. It’s funny how personally offended you get over a taco list that doesn’t include your favorites places. Instead of being a d!ck, why not just add your suggestions as a comment??

    • Kristy

      Hi Turner, I appreciate you sharing your opinion. Those are great suggestions, in fact some of them I have not been to myself. There are so many places in Austin to get tacos that there is no way I could have named them all. Hopefully the next list we make meets your standards! :)

  • KW

    Where is Me Llamo Taco?! Best taco trailer in town!

  • Yolotli

    I agree with Skokat and Turner. I have had tacos at most of these places, and a few are decent but this is definitely a white-washed list. Most of these are really only slightly better than Taco Bell. I have a feeling that a really good taco would scare the pants of some of you anyway, so keep on eating your bland “ground beef” tacos and pretend it’s the best EVER!

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