192.12 Boo At The Zoo

Theme parks, zoo’s tend to be one of those things that are even more fun during the holidays. I can remember Six Flags used to do a “Fright Fest” which was always a thriller. Boo at the Zoo is no different as it is the perfect way for you to visit the zoo with a new twist.

My entire theory on life revolves around the fact everything is better in costume, so of course the zoo is included. Austin Zoo &  Animal Sanctuary wants you to come out sporting your best costume (no adult masks), ride the Haunted Train, explore the Witch’s Haunted Castle, plus more haunted adventures.

Experiencing Boo at the Zoo will certainly spice up the normal zoo routine!

Admission: $12.50

When: October 19 – 20th, October 26-27th

Time: 6:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Austin Zoo & Animal Sanctuary
10808 Rawhide Trail
Austin, Texas 78736