ACL: Festival Goers Share Their Opinion

ACL 2012 is the end of an era as next year for the first time in history it will be two weekends. The times are undoubtedly a changin’. Two weekends next year will most likely be the biggest change however, I asked festival goers other things they would like to see improved on next year. Here are the reoccurring suggestions, do you agree with the list? What would you add?

  • The biggest issue across the board seems to be cell service in the festival. Naturally, figuring out better service for everyone is the biggest compliant.  While on the cell phone topic, more cell phone charging stations would also be a wise addition. A great suggestion was to have tech companies sponsor tents, where festival goers could come in, cool off, charge their phones and hopefully get service!
  • More bathrooms  and sanitizing stations.
  • Move the festival to November in hopes of “more beards, less heat.”
  • Food vendors to be in more than one location.

All this being said, there is a ton of work that goes into this festival each year and I think that this year, despite a few outbursts by Mother Nature it was well put together.  The ACL app was also great, now if only we always had service to access to app.