50 Sure Signs That AUSTIN Is Actually Utopia


1. Two Words. Texas. Football. 


2.  Thanks to Kerbey Lane you can eat queso 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


                      photo credit: Kerbey Lane Facebook Page
3.  Give or take 100 steps to one of the best views in the state.


4.  Leslie. 

5. We like our alcohol like we like our women, sweet.

deep-eddy-sweet-tea-vodka                                                                         photo source: theurbangrocer.com

6.  Our Winters, Springs, and Falls are amazing…3 out of 4 isn’t bad.

7.  Street Art. 530937_10151103610412822_1168132336_n-1
8.  Dogs are just as good as first borns. 

 9. A slice of paradise circles the city known as The Greenbelt. 

10.  The coolest way to cool off, SnoBeach.  IMG_1331
11. We have a street and a statue honoring Willie Nelson.
12. The highest flying festival in Texas, The Zilker Kite Festival
13. The Veloway. 

Veloway Photo Credit: activeatx.com

                                          photo credit: activeatx.com
14.  Formula One couldn’t get to Austin fast enough. IMG_1906
15. Barton Springs. 581160_10150757636252822_696195496_n-2
16.  The birthplace of Torchy’s Tacostorchys tacos
17. ACL, SXSW, Austin Reggae Festival, Lone Star Jam, Blues On The Green, Pecan Street Festival….need I Go On? 384333_10151195806422822_127183209_n

18. The often over 2 hour line at Franklin BBQ is well worth the wait. Franklin-BBQ2                                 photocredit: andrewzimmern.com
19. Alamo Drafthouse took movie watching to a new level. alamo-drafthouse
20. Austinites come together to share their holiday spirit as they decorate the 360 Cedar Trees each year. 360 trees
21. Death by sandwich. Hey, You Gonna Eat or What’s Monte Cristo. monte cristo hey you gonna eat or what
22. Everything in Texas is bigger, including our Capitol. 

Tour The Capitol

23. Only in Austin do we celebrate Chicken Sh*t at Chicken Sh*t BINGO546647_10101551835845458_1855551471_n-1
24. Travel back in time & catch a movie at the world’s first & only Mini Urban Drive-In MovieScreen shot 2013-02-10 at 11.36.00 AM
25. Austin. Texas. Sunsets.  576853_10151148311397822_343783188_n-1
26. Spinning under the Zilker Tree. 375424_10150477925612822_1485987573_n
27. You are never too old to play Peter Pan Mini GolfWorld's Largest Peter Pan at Peter Pan Mini-Golf in Austin, Texas.
28. Golden Gate has nothing on the Pennybacker Bridge. IMG_1482
29. You might run into Sandra Bullock or Matthew McConaughey at Whole Foods.  matthew_mcconaughey_hookemhorns
30. Austin is such a great place to live our Animal Shelter is no kill. (this cat is actually available for adoption!) Screen shot 2013-02-10 at 12.00.45 PM
31. Bevo. bevo-2
32. Roller Derby is one of the city’s favorite pastimes. 521475_10151184441438097_2069926199_n                                   
photo credit: texasrollergirls.org 
33. Top Chef Winner, Paul Qui cooks us dinner daily. a_250x375
34. Other cities celebrate the birthday of former Presidents, we celebrate a storybook character yearly at Eeyore’s Birthday. eeyore44
35. Home Slice Pizza hit it out of the park. 408296_10151380312193606_685070449_n                       
photo source: Home Slice Pizza facebook page. 
36. Austinites know how to do a Sunday Brunch. 6d293ff0c4dfb255bce4a69ab0175cbc
37. South Congress is so unique and full of local treasures it almost feels like a city of its own. photo-99
38. It doesn’t have to be Halloween for us to appreciate bats. 579603_10151193236947822_172528331_n-1
39. You can eat trailer food for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. holy cacao trailer
40. We don’t need clubs to play golf. DiscGolf
41. Blue Bell? Nah, we’ve got Amy’s524871_10151107585105954_328192176_n
42. The creme de la creme of local bars, Rainey Street. bunglow austin
43. Namaste Yall. 


44. Texas may have invented Tex Mex but Trudy’s mastered it. 

Trudy's - Mexican Martini

45. Austinites like to shop and eat local at our local farmers markets. downtown farmers market
46.  Even our bling is local. 555976_10151223784961176_1620706368_n
47. Austinites are weird and we are keeping it weird. keep_austin_weird
48. Trails, trails, trails and more trails.  austin-running
49. Austin Bike ZooAustinBikeZoo
50. Much in the same way Texans have pride in their state, Austinites take pride in their city. You see it everywhere you go, walking down the street, in local shops and conversations. Austinites are proud, loud, and happy to call this great city home.  604143_10151418957067822_1346328362_n