100 Reasons You Call Yourself An Austinite

Today is the 100th Day of the Year so naturally that called for some fun. Here are 100 reasons why we call ourselves Austinites.

1. You’ve ordered from the “secret menu” at Torchy’s.

torchys tacos

2. High-Fiving Juan  at Juan in a Million is part of your weekend routine. 



Photo Credit: TheTastingBuds.com

3. You ate at East Side Kings before Paul Qui achieved Top Chef greatness. 

Photo Credit - Rebecca Fondren

Photo Credit – Rebecca Fondren

4. You will be able to say you attended ACL when it was only one weekend. 


5. Burnt Orange is part of your Longhorn Football game day wardrobe even though you didn’t go to Texas. 


6. Your heart broke when you heard Fran’s closed its doors. 


Photo Credit: Storify.com

7. Breeder pet? No way, you adopted. 


8.  There was a day when Broken Spoke was surrounded by local business and not apartments, you remember it. 


                                  Photo Source: virturaltourist.com

9. You call the part of Guadalupe west of campus “The Drag.”


Photo Source: shopacrosstexas.com

10. Alamo Drafthouse is the only place you will even consider going to a movie. 


11. You proudly own a “Welcome To Austin, Please Don’t Move Here” shirt, even though you probably moved here.

welcome to austin

12. Seeing someone sunbathing topless at Barton Springs doesn’t make you look twice.

barton springs

13. Blue Bell? Nope, it’s Amy’s all the way in Austin. 

Amy's Ice Cream

14. It does not have to be Halloween for you to appreciate bats. 


15. You have seen the highs and lows of Lake Travis. 

lake travis

  Photo Source: LCRA.org

16. “Mopac”is the same as “Loop 1” and “360” is the same as “Capital of Texas Highway”  are just facts of driving in Austin and you’re used to it.


Photo Source: TexasFreeways.com

17. You’ve Been To An “Austin City Limits” Taping. 


18. Spinning under the Zilker Christmas Tree is part of your holiday ritual. 


19. The sometimes 2 hour wait at Franklin BBQ is completely worth it and you know it. 

Franklin BBQ Photo Credit: Franklin BBQ Website

Photo Credit: Franklin BBQ Website

20. You wear Yoga pants because you actually go to Yoga. 


                           Photo Credit: Wisegeek.com

21.  You eat breakfast tacos from a different place everyday of the week. 

torchys tacos

22. Looking out your office window in the middle of the afternoon and seeing a lake full of kayakers is just another day. 


23. You know “paper or plastic” is no longer a choice at the grocery store. 


24. You remember when the Mueller Airport Tower used to actually look over airplanes and not houses. 



25. The city celebrating Eeyore’s birthday doesn’t phase you in the least bit. 


26. First Thursday means strolling SoCo. 


27. You’ve played Chicken Sh*t BINGO. 


28. Lady Bird Lake, that’s circa 2007, to some longtime residents it will always be Town Lake. 

lady bird

29. You’ve had “date night” at Whole Foods. 

whole foods

30.  Maybe you haven’t tried it but you’ve heard of the Trudy’s Trifecta. 


31. You’ve eaten Kerbey Queso at 4 in the morning. 

kerbey lane

32. News North Korea had “plans” for a missile strike on Austin  made you laugh, haters gonna hate.



33. If you’re drinking vodka its either Deep Eddy or Titos. 


34. What other people call graffiti, you call street art. 


35. The Greenbelt is a summer must (when it has water)! 


36. Saturday mornings involve a Farmer’s Market. 

farmers market

37. You complain about the traffic even though you know it’s going to only get worse. 


Photo Credit: utexas.edu

38. Hours can pass while sipping on some coffee at Mozart’s and you have no idea where the time went. 


39. You were an extra on Friday Night Lights.  


40. At least one Halloween costumes has come from Lucy In Disguise. 



Photo Credit: flickr.com

41.  Oh to think back on the days when parking downtown after 5 and on weekends was free.


                                     Photo Source: regentpg.com

42. You know someone, who knows someone who is friends with Mack Brown. 


                                    Photo Source: ncaa.com

43. Fredricksburg is one of your favorite day trips.  


Photo Source: uptake.com

44. Esther’s Follies comedy show doesn’t offend you.  


45. A pedi-cab has once been used as a form of transportation in your travels. 


Photo Source: pedicab.com

46. You know Top Notch’s onion rings are indeed Top Notch. 

top notch

                              Photo Source: w5ran.com

47. Somehow throughout your time in Austin you have acquired allergies. 

Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 9.46.10 PMScreen Shot 2013-04-09 at 9.46.10 PM

48.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert have all come from a trailer in one day.

cow tipping trailer

49. You’ve cooled off at Hamiliton Pool. 


50. You remember where you were on January 4th, 2006. 



Photo Credit: bloguin.com

51. Lance Armstrong, well let’s not go there.


                                           Photo Source: wordonfire.org

52. If it’s not a GoodPop, it’s not a popsicle. 

good pop chocolate banana

53. You’ve decorated a Cedar Tree along 360 during December.

360 trees

54. The Salt Lick is one of your “go-tos” with out of town visitors. 



Photo Source: The Salt Lick Facebook Page

55. KGSR’s Blues on the Green is a summer must. 

RM Crowd 2[2]

56. Polvo’s Salsa Bar has set the bar for any salsa bar. 


57. You own a pair of Cowboy boots from Allen’s Boots. 



Photo Source: Sean Greenberg

58. Moonshine ‘s Gospel Brunch is something you’ve experienced. 



Photo Source: spokesbuzz.wordpress.com

59. You’ve seen the sunset from the top of Mount Bonnell. 


60. You’ve cheered at a Texas Rollergirls Bout. 

texas rollergirls

                          Photo Source: texasrollergirls.org

61. The fact that Deep Eddy Pool used to have a massive slide is no surprise to you. 

deep eddy


Photo Source: austinpostcard.org

62. You have played frisbee on the Capitol lawn. 


63. Disc Golf is a regular pastime. 


64. You’ve watched the sun crash into the horizon at The Oasis. 


65. You remember when Castle Hill was called “The Foundation.” 


66. SnoBeach SnoCones are among your summer snacks. 


67. You know The Veloway offers some of the best bicycle and rollerblading pavement in Texas. 

the veloway

Photo Source: activeatx.com

68. You’ve enjoyed a steak dinner at ALC Steaks. 

aLC steaks

69. The Driskill Grill, you know it’s worth every penny. 

driskill hotel


70. Home Slice with your homies is the perfect evening. 

Home Slice Pizza Photo Credit: Home Slice Pizza Facebook Page

Photo Credit: Home Slice Pizza Facebook Page

71. Live music at the airport, you expect nothing less – we are the “Live Music Capital of The World.”


Photo Source: Austintexas.gov

72.  Someone you know has had a “start up.”


                                   Photo Source: tech.co

73. During summer you complain that it’s too hot but than winter comes and it’s too “cold.” 


74. You know that being from Austin is so different than being from Texas.  


75. The “Keep Austin Weird” fun run is the only way you put “fun” and “run” in the same sentence. 


76. If it’s not a local beer, you don’t drink it. 


77. Another one of your friends is now eating “Gluten Free.” 


78. You’ve spent Friday night at Austin’s own Mini-Urban Drive-In Movie Theater. 


79. You keep meaning to go on a tour of the Capitol. 


80.  Buffalo Exchange rejected most of your closet clean out. 


81. Hopdoddy’s out the door line does not deter you at all. 


82. Peter Pan Mini-Golf never gets old, actually neither does Butler Pitch and Putt. 

World's Largest Peter Pan at Peter Pan Mini-Golf in Austin, Texas.

83. You’ve said, “SX has gotten too big.”  


84.  You know the difference between a hipster and the homeless. 


                              Photo Source: createawards.com

85You mourned the passing of Leslie. 


86. Leaving home without your reusable bags only sometimes happens. 


87. Perrier? No Thanks, you’ll have a Topo. 


  Photo Source: kathyphantastic.com

88. You listened to The Bobby Bones Show when they were also Austinites. 


89. You’ve changed your Facebook profile picture to include the 360 Bridge in the background.

360 brige

90. There was a day when North Austin was considered the Arboretum, you remember it. 


Photo Source: arenet.com

91.  You’ve snuck into a concert at Nutty Brown by jumping the fence. 

nutty brown

                                         Photo Source: Nutty Brown Cafe Facebook Page

92. You’ve had Chuy’s famous jalapeno ranch dip at their original Barton Springs location. 


93. The idea of biking to work has crossed your mind. 


94. You’ve pulled over on the side of the highway to take a picture in the bluebonnets. 


95. You discovered Ghostland long before they were “discovered.”


                          Photo Source: inlander.com

96. After the recent drought conditions rain in Austin makes you as happy as a Friday happy hour. 

rain in austin

97. You purposely drive down W. 5th to read the daily words of wisdom from El Arroyo. 

el arroyo

98. You either participated in, drove by, or made fun of Occupy Austin. 


                                           Photo Source: Texas Tribune

99. Despite all the changes you still love this town. 


100. The only place you’ll leave Austin, Texas for is Heaven. 

austin texas



Kristy Owen