Ways Austin Can Help In West, Texas

I have been doing my best to find out ways that locals are organizing donation drives or blood drives. The best thing I think that I can do is post as much as I have found and allow others to use it as a forum to add comments on. I will keep updating this list as I hear of more ways Austities can help. I have been overwhelmed with people that want to help but just do not know how to yet   and that is unbelievably encouraging. Here is a start, I hope this helps us get started with helping out fellow Texans!


  •  The Alpha Phi Sorority House (2005 University – on Campus) has a box which is accepting canned goods, bottled water and non perishable items – Friday afternoon they will be driving them to West, Texas.
  • Mueller Austin will be have a donation drive on Sunday 10-2 collecting -pet food, diapers, baby wipes,water, ect.
  • TexStyles Designer Fabric Showroom in SW Austin (2605 Jones Rd. Suite D, Austin, TX 78745) is going to collect clothes, blankets, toiletries, toys, feminine products and anything else that you can donate and make sure that it gets up to the Good Folks in West, TX who have suffered a devastating disaster. They are also donating 20% of their sales to help the victims.
  • If you’re wondering what you can do to help the folks and pets in West, Texas today, please check with the Humane Society of Central Texas, the shelter in Waco. There are some long-term animals there that will be at risk of euthanization as the shelter takes in displaced pets from the disaster in West. If you can foster temporarily, they will be able to tell you how you can help. — at (254) 754-1454.
  • Inyourhands.org is very useful for finding drives and finding where you can donate blood.
  • Hey UT – Help West – this is an awesome resource that University Students put together that they are constantly updating.
  • People who are willing to house displaced persons from West can fill out this form. Taking in pets is an option, too.
  • Here’s info from Central TX Red Cross about blood donations and other ways to help: http://www.redcross.org/news/article/West-TX-Disaster-Response-FAQs
  • Here’s the number for Starry’s office in Waco. They can advise at to how and what type of donations they are coordinating

    (254) 399-6552 Counseling – Waco.

  • Tuesday, April 23rd, all three Kung Fu Saloon locations (Houston, Dallas, & Austin) will be donating 100% of their sales for the entire day to the relief efforts in West, Texas via the American Red Cross. It’ll be a fun and different way to contribute to the relief efforts, if you’re not able to give blood, come out on Tuesday to have a few drinks, 100% of what you spend will go to West.
  • Scott & White Round Rock Clinic, (300 University Blvd, Round Rock, TX 78664) will be holding a blood drive Tuesday, April 23rd from 9AM-4PM
  • Scott and White in Temple will be open until 7 if not later; depending on the need for blood donations!
    The phone number there is..254-724-2111
  • Also regarding Blood Donations, this information was very helpful: There seems to be the needed amounts at this time, but blood banks are stressing the need for the ongoing days. If you’re available throughout the following days and also going into next week, please remember to stop in to make a donation.