163.13 Top Golf Austin

If I said you were going to like Top Golf I’d be lying, because you will absolutely LOVE it. I’d been anticipating this opening for a a while and it absolutely surpassed my expectations!

chicken and waffles top golf

You don’t even have to know how to play golf to enjoy Top Golf. I play very recreationally and I’m no die hard golf-addict but they have me hooked.

It ‘s so much more than a full-service driving range. Inside each ball is a tracking device that reports where the ball goes, then points are awarded based on how close you get to any given target. It is great for all skill levels and adds a level of competition and excitement that a normal driving range does not.

top golf fries

Beyond golf they also have an amazing kitchen. With the exception of just a few items (they don’t cut their own fries for example) everything is made from scratch. The chicken and waffles were delicious (pro tip: put the jalapeño gravy on the inside and the syrup on top!) , as were the chili cheese fries, and the chips and queso. The menu is extremely  diverse with a little something for everyone. The drink menu is equally impressive, with everything from beer and wine to delicious specialty cocktails like the ‘Texas Mule.’

top golf stands

FAQ: You can bring your own clubs, or they have clubs conveniently placed in every booth area that are free to use- completely up to you.

Top Golf is far more than just hitting golf balls, it is an entire experience. I would recommend it for anything from birthday parties with a large group, to a perfect fun, romantic evening for two, and everything in between!

top golf austin

Also, while I was there I talked with multiple employees, and everyone was soooo friendly. They all raved about how much they loved their jobs and how it was such a fun place to work. I think that is very cool.

Top Golf, you are a new favorite.

11301 Burnet Road
Austin, Texas 78758