190.13 Via 313 Pizza

This is probably one of the most raved around pizza places in Austin as they are just in a league of their own. I am not sure what their secret is, it might be the fact that their pizzas are cooked in steel pans that were once used to hold small machine parts on auto assembly lines, which is fitting considering it is Detroit style pizza. Speaking of Detroit the “313” in their names comes from the fact that it was Detroit’s first area code.


Their pizza’s are baked to order so if you are ordering an entire pizza plan about 15-20 minutes (I call ahead.) Freshness is the key for them, the square pan allows the pizza to be evenly cooked and with crispy edges that just melt in your mouth.

I went with the Hawaiian pizza while my friend went with the cheese. They were both great however the Hawaiian pizza was the clear winner. The pizza was served with an entire slice of pineapple served on each fourth of the pizza and it was pretty much out of the park. I grabbed the pizza on my way to skeeball and while I was taking my turn rolling a complete stranger came and grabbed a slice of mine. While the whole encounter was very odd, he said he just couldn’t resist. I guess once you lay your eyes on the pizza you have to have yourself a slice.

Pizza lovers, this is an absolute must try. The pizza was amazing on a sober Tuesday evening so I imagine it is equally good if not better after a few cocktails!

At Violet Crown Social Club
1111 East 6th Street
Austin, Texas 78702

Red Shed Tavern
8504 South Congress
Austin, Texas 78745


Photo Credit: Via 313 Facebook Page