Pet Of The Week: Cocoa – ADOPTED

GREAT NEWS! In the past week I have learned that over 8 of our Pet of the Week’s have been adopted! The most recent is Honey Bun, thank you so much for your continued shares and support as it really is making a different in the lives of these animals.

Name: Cocoa
Sex: Female, Spayed
Age: 2 Year Old
Days In Foster Care: over 249 Days
Location: Kennel 60, Town Lake Animal Center


Cocoa has been with Austin Animal Center 249 days! She is a favorite with the volunteers, here is a write up from volunteer Jae. “ Cocoa has been on the trail many times over the last few weeks. She does great on the EZ walk harness. I’ve done several buddy walks with her and another dog and she enjoys the company of both males and females. Often doing play bows and walking shoulder to shoulder with other dogs. Cocoa likes to get in the lake and would probably try swimming if I had a longer leash. She is very affectionate and gives great eye contact with her handler. Cocoa rides well in the car and can jump in by herself. I put her in the backseat and she either looks out the window or lay down. Occasionally she will try to get in the front seat but once I tell her “back” she settles down again. We went to the Love A Bull monthly walk meet-up group. Cocoa did fantastic ! Meeting other dogs and walking in a pack setting. She was very interested to meet the other dogs but would listen to me if I told her to stay back. She was so happy to be out, friendly to humans and dogs, interested in her new surroundings and was mesmerized watching ducks”.  This bright and energetic girl deserves a forever home , please go meet Cocoa at Town Lake Animal Center! She has a video!

If Cocoa is not for you don’t for get about our other Pet of the Weeks still looking for their forever home.