Top Places To Get A Margarita in Austin, Texas

La Condesa:

lacondesaCourtesy of Yelp user Erin C.

My personal favorite, and according to this poll on Eater Austin, I’m not alone. They’re unfortunately also on the higher end of pricing for this list, so I’d recommend trying them at happy hour (select cocktails and appetizers are massively discounted) to make sure you’re committed to spending 10+ bucks on the best margarita in Austin. There, I said it.   –JN   



They were the first place I ever experienced margaritas by the pitcher, so naturally I have fond memories and a soft spot for this place. If you want to venture off the traditional path, I’d recommend the mango margarita. -KO

Fonda San Miguel:

Often praised as ‘the best Mexican food in Austin,’ the ambience alone makes FSM worth the trip. When you have good bartenders who make real margaritas, they just taste better than the run-of-the-mill drinks you’ll find at more Americanized Tex-Mex joints.   –JN

South Congress Café:

South Congress Cafe

I love everything South Congress Café does so it’s no surprise that they have to be included on my margarita list. While I like their specialty ones, the Pomegranate  Margarita is awesome. My favorite thing to do is go with the house margarita and ask for the chili salt on the glass. -KO


Apparently I have expensive taste, because these are also a bit pricey comparatively. The happy hour suggestion applies here as well. They have about twenty different options for margaritas; I’m not huge on fruity additions, but I hear the prickly pear is well worth the extra 75 cents if you’re into that sort of thing. They also have a really great patio (when the weather is nice), and the décor inside is equally rewarding.   –JN

Tacos & Tequila, TNT:

houseritaCourtsey of Amanda M.

This place is like my kryptonite. It’s not a place that you can go and have just one drink. As you can imagine, a place that has ‘tequila’ in the name definitely knows how to make a margarita. If you are a margarita drinker there will be more than one on the menu that will perk your interest. This place knows margaritas so spring for one of the specialty ones instead of the house! -KO

Baby A’s:

babyasCourtesy of Yelp user Janki P.

No list of Austin Margaritas would be complete without a nod to the Purple from Baby Acapulco’s. I’ll warn you ahead of time, if you’re a fan of traditional fresh lime margaritas, you will not enjoy this. Legend has it that they’re made with grain alcohol rather than tequila, and at one point they were served on a two-per-customer limit. Meaning that if you ordered two of them back to back, you’d be cut off immediately.    –JN


salliehCourtesy of Yelp User Sallie H.

They are home to the famous avocado margarita! You are probably thinking that avocados belong in guacamole, well yes. However, don’t bash something until you’ve tried it. It’s has an oddly refreshing, yet creamy taste. It will definitely be one of those margaritas that you instantly wonder where it has been your entire life or it just won’t be your thing. –KO

El Naranjo:

Yet another pricey suggestion, but they make really great, simple fresh-lime margaritas. They also have a HUGE selection of both tequila and mezcal. My advice, choose a reasonably priced (anything 100% agave will do) tequila for your ‘rita, then sip on a shot of something finer if you’re feeling adventurous.   -JN


trudysmargCourtney of Yelp user Natasha D.

You can’t make a margarita list in Austin and not include Trudy’s. There’s not much to say except they consistently make a solid drink. Sometimes you don’t want all that fancy stuff and you just want a basic margarita, this is your place. -KO


I actually prefer the lesser-known Cantina El Milamores, which is located in the backspace of the restaurant. Their ‘House Margarita’ consists of El Jimador, Patron Citronge, fresh lime and orange juices, and house-made simple syrup. These are all good things.   –JN