148.14 Bowling at Union Underground

I fully intended on blogging on the first Blues on the Green of the season, but due to weather it was postponed until next Wednesday. So that left me thinking, what do Austinites do when it rains? I narrowed it down to: nothing, watching movies at Alamo Drafthouse, going bowling, and ordering pizza.

The Union Underground is one of those hidden gems that doesn’t always pop into mind when thinking of places to bowl. While it does cater to UT students, it is open to the public. And, we’re in the special time period between spring and summer semester where the campus feels like a ghost town. Which means even less people than normal at the Union.

Maybe it’s the fact that I was once a Longhorn, but I love strolling the Union and Tower grounds when they are free of students between classes. It’s peaceful and always provokes some sort of Texas pride in me. Texas Ex or not, it’s a great time to stroll around on campus before the influx of summer students.

Here’s the best part, the price. For non-UT students it’s $2.50-$3.50 a game (depending on day/time) plus $2.00 shoe rental.

Hours (today): 10am – midnight, here is a link to their summer hours: http://www.utexas.edu/universityunions/texas-union/info/building-hours

University of Texas Campus
Texas Union
(Across from University Co-Op)


Photo Credit: Texas Union Website