332.14 Visit The 360 Overlook

Welp, we all survived Turkey Day. It looks like it’s going to be another beautiful day here in Austin. If you are looking to burn off some of those extra calories you consumed yesterday. The 360 Bridge overlook is a very easy hike, that ends with a great view. It would be perfect to do with out of town guests to give them little taste of Austin.

The 360 bridge (technically Pennybacker Bridge) is one of my favorite places in Austin. Every time I drive over it I think of how lucky we are to live in Austin. I don’t know if it’s the beautiful scenery overlooking Lake Austin (one of my favorite things on planet earth), or just the fact that it’s such an Austin icon. Either way it symbolizes all the things that make me happy to be an Austinite.

The 360 bridge overlook is always a fun little hike. You get some great pictures, a little exercise and a new appreciation for how beautiful our city can be.

You’ll see the cars parked right on the side of 360 as your approach the bridge