Horseshoe Lounge Announces New Location

The iconic Horseshoe Lounge will close its doors this weekend, marking the end of a 50-year tradition on South Lamar. The ‘Shoe, (as it’s lovingly referred to by its regulars), opened in February, 1965. It will host a 3-day send off party featuring live music and plenty of the Horseshoe hospitality the establishment is famous for. The schedule of events is as follows:

Friday, February 13th— 5p Chuck Bob Carnes
7p   Reid Wilson & His So-Called Friends
10p Super Secret Surprise Guest

Saturday, February 14th—4:30p Tim Boss
7p   Lucas Hudgins & The First Cousin
10p The Freight Train Troubadours

Sunday, February 15th— 5p Horseshoe Ramblers
7p Mandy Rowden
10p Horseshoe Ramblers

The doors will close for the last time at the original location at 2am on Monday, February 16, right after owner Tennia Brown sells the last beer herself.

When asked why the decision was made to close the original location and reopen elsewhere, Brown says, “I guess they call that progress, and we’ve been ‘progressed’ right out”.

Even so, Brown and her husband Brad remain optimistic about the future. Though they leave many memories behind, the Horseshoe will reopen this summer at 153 E. Riverside Dr., moments away from downtown, Auditorium Shores and the new boardwalk. By a stroke of luck, the new location looks very much like the current location, and Brown says it will be “bigger and better”, offering over 100 parking spots, liquor, a stage for live music and the option to use credit cards. They are joined in this venture by Nancy Rogers, Gary Della Croce and Scenic Capital Advisors, who share the Browns vision of keeping the vibe at the new Horseshoe as near to the old as possible. It is expected that the “Shoe.2” will stand the test of time and the shifts in trends and culture for the next 50 years as the original location did before. For those who may lament the closing of the original Horseshoe Lounge and who may wonder how the new one will compare, Brown says there is no need for concern. “The staff and customers make the Horseshoe what it is. It’s a state of mind.”

Brown intends to take her staff and many of the items that the Horseshoe is known for to the new location, including the jukebox and the shuffleboard table.

For those planning to attend the weekend’s festivities, it should be mentioned that the Horseshoe Lounge is “beer only, cash only”. Parking is limited, so plan accordingly.

Information Via Horseshoe Lounge, by A. Herrera

Image via Horseshoe Lounge Website.