The Twelve Most Favor-ed Places In Austin

It’s no secret that we’ve been in love with Favor Delivery since day one. Now 18 months and hundreds (thousands?) of personal deliveries to our offices/homes later, we asked one of the Favor co-founders, Zach Maurais, what people in Austin Favor the most.

We’re guessing that Favor extending their delivery hours until 3am might have skewed these results towards the more munchies-worthy restaurants, but who are we to judge?

We’re proud to report that an overwhelming majority of these restaurants are local, so keep up the good work:

  1. Homeslice Pizza– Love it or hate it, it’s one of the top-rated pizza joints in Austin. A major drawback for years has been their lack of delivery. Favor changed that and the orders came flying in.


  1. Torchy’s Tacos– Suitable for breakfast, lunch and dinner, we weren’t surprised to see Austin’s original taco-truck empire show up on the list.torchys-austin-queso
  1. P Terry’s– Nobody likes a cold hamburger. With 10 locations in Austin, your burger and fries won’t have to travel very far, ensuring hot fries and cold milkshakes.


  1. Chipotle– Not so local, but we’re guilty of it too. And yes, we know the guacamole is extra.


  1. Kerbey Lane Café– Kerbey Queso rules. Breakfast delivered on a hung-over Sunday doesn’t sound so bad either.


  1. Fat Sal’s Deli– The Fat Sal Original is a hero sub packed with roast beef, mozzarella sticks and onion rings, INSIDE the sandwich. Being located on the drag isn’t hurting them.


  1. Whataburger– The King of Texas fast-food joints. No surprises here.


  1. East Side King– If you live in Austin and haven’t had ESK, stop reading this and Favor some poor qui buns with an order of chicken karaage.


  1. Gourdough’s Donuts– Refer back to the previous munchies comment. It doesn’t get much better than this.


  1. Elizabeth Street Café– The classiest bahn mi in the city.


  1. JuiceLand– Tastes good, and is good for you too. A win/win.


  1. Fresa’s– Tacos with organic eggs, and coffee from Stumptown for breakfast. Wood-grilled chicken with a side of Mexican street-corn for lunch or dinner. Trust me on this one.


If this list made your PB&J look less than appetizing, use the code 365THINGS to get your first Favor free.