Trailer Food Tuesdays Are Back At The Long Center

Trailer Food Tuesday is coming back to The Long Center this summer. As most things in Texas it’s bigger and better than ever.

In 2014, the max number of trucks was 15. This year, that is the minimum. They’re starting with 15 trucks on June 9 and capping it at 19 trucks on an event-by-event basis.

They’re incorporating the lower drive of the Long Center and putting trucks down there as well. This means more seating, more trucks, shorter lines!

trailer food tuesday

The bands are getting bigger too! June 9 will host a full stage set-up and audio system.

They’ll have lawn games. They’ll provide games and are encouraging people to bring their own (crowd safe) games.

This year there will be vendors! They’ve carefully selected three local vendors to add to the experience of the event. These include Kong Screen Printing, Typewriter Rodeo and Rocket Electrics.

  • Event-Specific Screen Prints
  • Custom on-site poems written on incredibly cool vintage typewriters (paid for by donations)
  • Test rides on Rocket Electric bikes

And now without further ado here are the trailers participating in the first Trailer Food Tuesday of the season:

  • Burro Cheese Kitchen
  • Load A Bowl
  • Dock & Bowl Diner
  • Ain’t Ya Momma’s Pie
  • Whole Foods Market
  • Café Ybor Food Bus
  • OMG! Cheesecakery
  • The Peached Tortilla
  • Red White And QUE
  • ALC Steaks
  • Gibroni’s Louie G’s
  • Heros Gyros
  • Hand Helds Quality Sliders
  • DFG Noodles

Trailer Food Tuesday is Produced by Food Trailer Productions (The Peached Tortilla, Food Trailers Austin and Trailer Food Diaries) and presented by Howdy Honda.

Come hang out, its going to be a blast!

Mark your calendar for these dates:

June 9th
July 7th
August 4th

The Long Center
701 W. Riverside Drive
Austin, Texas 78704