#MMHBurgerChallenge Recap

This August the McGuire Moorman Hospitality (MMH) Group hosted the ultimate burger challenge and it was every burger lovers dream and may have turned into a nightmare for the MMH Group.

In short, the goal was to eat all MMH Group burgers (Lambert’s, Jeffrey’s, Clark’s, Elizabeth Street Cafe, Josephine House, and Perla’s) in 7 days to receive a $250 gift certificate to the restaurant of your choice. If you ate all six in the month you receive a $50 gift certificate. The person that eats the most burgers in the month gets a card entitling them to the Friends and Family Discount (25% off all full-priced food) at all six McGuire Moorman Hospitality restaurants for one year and a juice cleanse of MMH’s choosing from Juice Land.

Without further ado here is my rundown of devouring 6 burgers in 7 days. They are documented in order they were enjoyed with them ranked at the end.

We had made reservations a few weeks ago but finally got things underway on August 18th. The day before the MMH instagram posted that they were no longer offering happy hour prices. Bummer, but that wasn’t going to stop us. That was only the first rule change.

August 18th, Dinner $16 – Lambert’s



This was a solid start to the challenge. It left me feeling excited and wondering what the next burgers had in store. The burger was basic, yet at this point everything I would have hoped for. The real takeaway was the waffle fries. I could have had them with every burger, they’re a solid side that I would easily order sans burger in the future. One stamp down, five to go.

August 19th, Dinner $24 – Jeffrey’s 


This is where we took the biggest hit of not getting the Happy Hour pricing. I had very high hopes for this burger but it left me underwhelmed. Still delicious, just left something to be desired. The meat on this burger was one of the best. I’m not a huge fan of blue cheese so that didn’t help.  The fries were no comparison to Lambert’s. Yes, they’re a completely different style and a personal preference but I was still longing for the waffle fries.

UPDATE #2: I walk out of Jeffrey’s to learn on instagram that this is the LAST day they are handing out punch cards. So if you have not started the challenge by now, you’re out of luck.

August 19th, Lunch $16 – Clark’s


I am no stranger to the Clark’s burger so I knew exactly what I was getting into.  It was perfectly cooked, juicy and exactly what I was coveting. It barely stayed on my plate long enough to take a photo. Instantly in my head, this burger became the front runner for the favorite. These were also my favorite pickles. High five for these fries, delicious. The entire meal was what a ten.

UPDATE #3: At this point in the challenge I learn that places (Jeffrey’s and Josephine House) are running out of burgers and you need to make sure the restaurant knows you’re coming in. I see a photo on instagram of a line around the block at Jeffrey’s an hour before they open. Things are getting intense.

August 20th, Lunch – Elizabeth Street Cafe

elizabeth street cafe

In all honestly this was the first time in the challenge that I wasn’t looking forward to the meal. It was nothing against Elizabeth Street Cafe, the burgers were catching up to me and I was feeling a little red-meated out. That was not an excuse. The Elizabeth Street Cafe burger is an off-menu item and easily the most unique burger of the bunch. After one bite, I was 100% back in and excited as ever. This juicy, unexpected Asian inspired burger was suddenly a contender for the lead. I did miss that it didn’t come with a side of fries, but not worth docking any points over. Even if you’re not doing the challenge I would recommend going and getting this burger.

August 24th, Lunch $18 – Josephine House 

Joesphine house

I was off red meat for a full 24 hours before doing Josephine House for brunch on Sunday as Saturday was a rest day. Typically, I’m not a fan of a fried egg but when in Rome. I devoured this burger, barely coming up for a breath. What have I been missing all my life, why did the fried egg seem abnormally appetizing? Whatever the case, I was in love. The fries were up to par as well. I couldn’t believe there was only one more burger to go, where did the time go?

August 24th, Lunch $18 – Perla’s 


This was the first time in my life I’ve ever had a burger with double meat. Nothing about this burger blew me away. It felt like a good fast food burger. I wasn’t a fan of the iceberg lettuce, the bread was nothing special. It was basic and comparatively to the rest of the burgers bland. But who goes to Perla’s for the burger? I can’t fault them doing the burger challenge when they’re known for the seafood. It was a valiant effort.

burger challenge

The Rankings: 

1. Josephine House or Clark’s (It was a tie/literally, neither had a distinctive characteristic that edged the other out)

2. Elizabeth Street Cafe

3. Lambert’s

4. Jeffrey’s

5. Perla’s

There you have it. Before tip, $110 was spent on burgers. I estimated ($18) ESC because my receipt only had the total and the price was not online. Despite the rule changes and feeling like red meat is running through my veins, I’d easily partake again. Hopefully this becomes a tradition.

Curious to other people’s opinion on the burger challenge? Check out the #mmhburgerchallenge hashtag on instagram or visit our instagram and read the comments.