Silvercar Makes Renting a Car a Snap

I think it’s happened… I think I may finally be an adult. On my most recent trip to Denver I bought my own plane ticket, booked my own room, and even rented a car. No more couch surfing, no more bumming rides to and from the airport… and that last part was made that much easier thanks to Silvercar.

My friend Ben turned me on to Silvercar—it’s like the mobile generation’s answer to renting cars. Super simple, super convenient, and with all the amenities you need when getting around a new city.

Once I landed in Denver, all I had to do was find the Silvercar shuttle that swiftly transported me to a wondrous sight. Y’all, they exclusively rent a fleet of silver Audi A4s: brand new, fully loaded, and ready and waiting for you when you land. Since it was my first time, a super sweet Silvercar Concierge named Sandra walked me through the process and oriented me with the many features of the car. I had already downloaded the app on my phone; that’s how I made my reservation and created my account for hassle-free payment. Now all I had to do was use the app to scan the QR code on the windshield, and I was ready to take on Denver like never before.

You’re probably thinking this costs a fortune, right? I mean, with Silvercar you get a premium ride, every time, guaranteed. But it’s crazy, the rates are about the same as all the other rental agencies I checked out. I guess their streamlined process leaves room for a lower cost for the consumer. I’m not complaining. Plus with their Fair Toll Tracking and Fair Fuel Plan (Silvercar will fill you up at local pump price for just five dollars) those exorbitant costs and upsells that come with renting a car don’t exist with Silvercar.

Considering I get lost finding my way to the kitchen, I was especially grateful for the free GPS as I tried to find my way from destination to destination. The streets of Denver are quite different than Austin’s, to say the least. And I enjoyed the Free Wi-Fi and Satellite Radio… I don’t even have those luxuries in my own car at home.

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 2.50.35 PM

Once my trip was over, all I had to do was drop off my Silvercar back with Sandra and I was on my way home. My receipt was instantly emailed to me—I love it when there’s no paperwork.

With festivals, Formula 1, and the holidays coming up, I’m betting you have more than one friend or family member coming into Austin soon. Great news: Silvercar is available in the ATX. And I’ll definitely be using Silvercar again next time I’m in San Francisco or when I go to NYC for New Years. Currently Silvercar serves 10 cities—but their fleets and locations are growing.

Of course, my story is just one. You can’t really judge a business by a singular experience. If you need a little more convincing, check out Silvercar’s testimonials. I swear you’ll be downloading their app and riding off in an Audi rather than going through the hassle of dealing with another confounded car rental company the next time you travel.

Use promo code AUSTIN365 to save $50 off your first drive*

*First time renters only. Must be at least 22 years of age with valid driver’s license to rent. Code not eligible in NY.