Car2go Cuts Prices In Austin

As a loyal car2go user since 2011, I was ecstatic to take advantage of the Austin-born company’s latest promotion. Through December 6th, they’ve dropped their already low prices from 41 cents to 19 cents a minute, making them my go-to for transportation around Austin.

If you’ve seen these branded smart cars around town but have been hesitant to try one out, there’s no better time than the present. My typical car2go experience goes like this:

  • I open the app, and if I’m anywhere near downtown, the map that pops-up will be peppered with dozens of car2go’s within walking distance.


  • I then reserve the car2go I want with the click of a button, walk up to the vehicle and click the start rental button, and the doors will unlock. Once in the car, I type my personal pin number into a screen in the dash, turn the key, and start my trip.



  • Finding a place to park is a breeze with car2go, they fit into spots that full sized sedans do not, and you can park them in metered spots for FREE. There are also a ton of spots designated only for car2go’s throughout the city, and they really come in handy on weekend nights in Austin when parking downtown is a nightmare.
  • I step out of the car, making sure it’s in park first; turn off the lights, replace the key, and step out of the vehicle. The car2go starts a 15 second countdown and then locks automatically, courteously flashing its lights a couple of times to let me know that I’ve ended my trip!


If you still have questions, they’ve got all the answers on their site. Right now they’re running a separate promotion that allows new members to sign up for only $5 (normally $35), and receive 60 minutes of driving time when they complete registration.