The Best Sweet Treats in Austin (Delivered)

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Fried donuts, topped with Nutella and fresh strawberries. Mexican vanilla ice cream with cookie dough, and all the crush’ns you could possibly think of. Austin is home to the creators of both of these iconic gems (Gordough’s Donuts and Amy’s Ice Cream), among many other dessert eateries. 

It’s a fact – sweet tooths rejoice here in Austin because we live in a dessert paradise. And for all your sugar cravings, our friends at Favor have compiled a list of Austin’s most favored, sugary treats. 

1. Red Velvet Cake from Hey Cupcake!


True or false: red velvet cake is chocolate cake with red food coloring? Who knows but we do know Hey Cupcake gets it right with the perfect ratio of cream cheese frosting and whatever red velvet cake actually is.

2. Miss Shortcake from Gourdough’s


On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being you need dessert and will go to extreme lengths to get it), if you’re at a 10, you better call Favor to deliver you Gordough’s. These donuts are one of our favorite treats in Austin. Miss Shortcake is a popular choice among Austinites – a warm donut, topped with an overload of cream cheese icing and fresh cut strawberries. This is what heaven looks like. 

3. Founder’s Fav from Blenders & Bowls

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If your sweet tooth craving has kicked in, you can get your sugar fix from many items at Blenders & Bowls without going overboard. You can also build your own smoothie bowl and get Favor to deliver it to you! Perfect for breakfast or a mid-afternoon treat.

4. Mexican Vanilla Ice cream + crush’ns from Amy’s Ice Creams


Is it too cold for ice cream? Never. Is it too cold outside to start your car and drive to the nearest Amy’s? Maybe. Whatever your flavor of choice may be, enjoy any of Amy’s decadent ice cream flavors brought right to your door.

5. Dark Chocolate with Olive Oil and Sea Salt Ice Cream from Lick


Lick has a good habit of combining unexpected ingredients to make unique, refreshing ice cream flavors. Hence, the dark chocolate, olive oil and sea salt combination. But don’t get up, Favor will bring any crazy Lick flavor to your door.  

6. Cake Shake from Holy Cacao


Holy Cacao. They don’t call it “divinely delicious” for nothing. Favor will keep you warm in winter and deliver Holy Cacao’s hot chocolate and/or satisfy your cake shake cravings. Yes. That is cake + milkshake combo of your liking.

7. French Toast from Kerbey Lane

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Breakfast for dinner, breakfast for lunch, breakfast for breakfast? We can’t get enough of breakfast, and we definitely can’t get enough of Kerbey Lane. For all you breakfast lovers, the good news is both Favor and Kerbey Lane are open late and Favor will deliver you breakfast at almost any hour you desire (8am – 3am). Go for their delicious pancakes or one of a kind french toast!

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