Neighborhood Spotlight: Pemberton Heights

Bounded by 24th Street and 29th Street on the north and south sides, and MoPac and Lamar Boulevard on the east and west, Pemberton Heights is one of the smaller and more exclusive neighborhoods in Austin. There’s also not much to do here in this sleepy haven. That’s largely why it’s one of the most coveted zip codes inside the city limits. In 1998 Town & Country magazine named it one of America’s top-25 “platinum neighborhoods.” Not even gold—platinum.

But this neighborhood, even though it is the Beverly Hills of Central Texas now, was just a farm in the late 1800s. When the Fisher family inherited what is now Pemberton, they established the Austin Land Company, which in turn constructed a bridge across Shoal Creek in 1927 and developed the area until the early 1940s.

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Now consisting of 640 households, Pemberton is unique for many reasons. It’s just northwest of downtown Austin, but doesn’t suffer the same pitfalls as other neighborhoods close to the epicenter of the city, namely: traffic, noise, and crime. There are also ample green spaces within the tiny community, including Hartford Park to the west (plus Tarrytown Neighborhood park just over the MoPac boundary) and the Shoal Creek greenbelt to the east.

While commercial development is pretty much null in Pemberton (another plus, if you’re a resident), there is a plethora of closely located things to do. Head just north of the Pemberton boundary and you’ve got breakfast at Kerbey Lane, happy hour beers at the Draught House, and a fancy dinner date for two at Uchiko. Just south is Clarksville, and if you need something to do in this historic neighborhood, we have you covered here. And, of course, with that central location and proximity to the highway, you can be just about anywhere in town shortly.

Want a house to join the neighborhood? Here are two of our favorite listings in Pemberton.

1506 Westover Rd ALN


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