Father’s Day Came Early: My Fittipaldi Driving Experience

With the help of Fittipaldi Exotic Driving in Austin, my daughter just gave me an absolutely unforgettable early Father’s Day gift! Driving a Ferrari on a racetrack has been a dream of mine for years, and it actually happened this morning. I still can’t believe it.

From the minute you arrive at the track, which is just off of 183 and north of the airport, you are greeted by the friendly and professional Fittipaldi team. Their goal is to help you have the time of your life safely, and they really deliver. You spend about 30 minutes in the classroom learning about the track and the cars and what to expect. Then you do a couple of laps in their pickup truck to get familiar with the layout. That alone was a thrill, but I had no idea just how thrilling it was about to get. After a few pictures, you strap in (don’t worry, a professional driver is in the passenger seat) fire up the Ferrari, and you’re off.

I cannot find the words to properly convey the feeling of opening up one of these machines on the track! As I flew down the first straightaway, the force of it all pushed me back in the seat and the V8 roared to life just behind me. Maybe I do have a word: magnificent! The pro driver talked me through the course and coached me how to go faster, faster, and faster. There are no other cars on the track; it’s just you racing against your best lap time over six full laps. You are in full control and it is an incredible feeling. The only disappointment of the entire experience was the moment I was told it was time to turn off the track and return to the pits. By that point I had an ear-to-ear grin plastered across my face. It’s pretty much still there.

If you want to give your dad a once-in-a-lifetime gift, do what my daughter did and sign him up to drive one of the world’s most amazing cars. The experience will make him feel special and the memory will last forever—they give you a video of the whole thing to make sure of it.

Thanks so much Kristy!

Love you,