Pet of the Week: Greta

Name: Greta
4 year old
Animal ID:
Terrier Mix
Spayed Female 
Kennel 324

If you want to come meet Greta, be prepared. She’ll charm you all the way to your house! Greta was recently upgraded to a lobby kennel so she could meet more people easier. Our volunteers took Greta to a volunteer recruitment event last week and here’s what they had to say about her.


“Greta accompanied us to a recruitment fair to get new volunteers and fosters, and she was the absolute. perfect. dog. She was patient, friendly, playful, greeted everyone warmly with kisses and belly rub requests, didn’t mind the crowds of people surrounding her or the loud cheering during hula hoop contests. She even rode perfectly in the car! At first, she didn’t want to get in on her own, but after one practice she was a car-loading machine, and she got to enjoy a burger on our way back. She exceeded all my expectations of being an ambassador-dog and I’m just so so in love. One would never guess that she was shy and skittish a year ago when she arrived as a stray. She has truly blossomed in our care, and I’m grateful to everyone who has spent time showing her what love and trust look like. As I drove home after, I missed her being in my backseat and kept looking back for her. She’s going to make someone VERY lucky.”

With these nice words about Greta, how could you not want to meet her?!

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