Emily/Emmy Squared pop-up dinner at Cane Rosso

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Emily & Emmy Squared from New York are having a very special pop-up tonight at Cane Rosso. This highly anticipated night of food is not to be missed. They will offer a chicken sandwich ($15) and a burger ($20).


Here’s some need to know facts from Cane Rosso:

  1.  First things first, we only have 50-60 of each sandwich (burger + fried chicken sandwich), so 100-120 total. Yes, really. We wish that we could make more, but when you are literally flying in your chefs and ingredients, we could only secure so much. We just want to be upfront about the extremely limited number available for the night. These will go FAST, so please be prepared for a quick sellout.
  2. . There will be a limit of one sandwich per person. At 4:50 PM, we will hand out tickets to those in line. You will pick either the burger or the fried chicken sandwich, and you will receive a corresponding ticket. This ticket guarantees your sandwich, but it also means that you cannot change your mind.
  3. There will be no extra tickets given out for anyone that is not yet in line (no holding spots). Please make arrangements for everyone in your party to join you in line prior to 5 PM. We cannot seat incomplete parties.
  4. There will be a wait for food. We will seat the restaurant and place orders in small waves, to avoid a bum-rush on the kitchen. We cannot cook 50 burgers in 10 minutes, so please expect a wait for your food to arrive. We promise that it is worth it. Cane Rosso drinks, pizzas, & salads will also be available to order, in addition to the sandwiches.

When: today, January 9th

Time: 5:00 pm

Cane Rosso
4715 S Lamar Blvd. Suite 103
Austin, Texas